Goodbye Mom I'll Always Love You by Pam Chubbuck, Ph.D.


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An Interactive Book of Practical Wisdom That Will Help Your Beloved Child Heal
Goodbye, Mom - I'll Always Love You, is available in E-book form to make it more immediately available and so you can create copies for your child to use over time. Working with the book now and then again in a few months, next year, and so on as the child grows in awareness and needs change, make it most helpful. You may download up to 5 copies for one low price, thus it can be used by all siblings who are grieving. Grandma or other caretaker should have a copy and of course you should keep a copy to read for yourself. 'Goodbye, Mom'... is an Interactive Keepsake Journal, designed to be written on, pasted in, and colored. It is designed to be bound by you and your child, or your older child, making it a treasure that may be kept for a lifetime.

"Children need immediate, integrative help to cope with the death of their mother. The death of a mother is one of the most life changing event they will encounter. It deeply impacts a child on all levels of being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Pam Chubbuck, having 35 years experience in integrative therapies, is the perfect person to give you spiritual, psychological, and physical keys to healing in her groundbreaking book, Goodbye Mom, I’ll Always Love You. Pam teaches that Life is a Great Mystery and a wonderful adventure, often surprising, sometimes shocking. No one person or belief system has all the answers or the one answer. The best answers are found in the depth of the human heart, the Inner God. It is healthy for children to think and feel their own way.  Using this book will assist every Care Giver.  Pam gives you a place to start, guides you through the process, and and encourages you to know that children have their own spiritual experiences and so we must ask, what do you think? They will teach us."~ Flying Eagle Press

“May you and your family be blessed always with grace, peace and with open hearts.” ~ Pam Chubbuck

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Pamela Chubbuck PhD,

Ordained Interfaith Minister, is an internationally known psychotherapist with over 35 years of experience working with individuals and families, including kids whose mothers died. Pam trains psychotherapists internationally, is director of Core Energetics South, and maintains a private practice in Holistic Psychotherapy. Pam raised three sons and is grandmother to nine.



"Goodbye Mom"